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Local (sort of) olive oil delights palates in U.S.


Monica Eng, Tribune Newspapers June 27, 2012 To find some of the best, freshest olive oil in the world you can travel to Spain, Italy, Greece, Australia, California or ... Alsip. Yes, Alsip. This south suburban town is home to the Country House restaurant, run by the Boundas family which just happens to own [...]

Local (sort of) olive oil delights palates in U.S.2019-04-03T23:46:21+00:00

Joseph McCurdy Testimonial


"Since contracting Country House Kitchen’s to manage our food service program, the District has observed continual increased student and staff participation in both our breakfast and lunch programs. Country House’s commitment to serving high quality food is demonstrated in their daily meal preparations. I have observed the staff pressing fresh ground beef into hamburger patties, [...]

Joseph McCurdy Testimonial2019-03-23T16:27:41+00:00

Linda Moreno Testimonial


“Food tops the list as one of the most important student concerns when evaluating their college experience.   Country House Kitchen has consistently delivered on their promise of serving delicious wholesome “real food”  to our campus community.  CHK has achieved the highest satisfaction rating possible from those that count most, our students. I can confidently endorse [...]

Linda Moreno Testimonial2019-03-23T16:28:15+00:00

Olive Oil Purists Flock to Alsip for Taste of Homeland


March 4, 2010 BY SETH SCHWARTZ, Correspondent Southtown Star Olive oil mavens will go to great lengths to purchase premium vintage. That's why Country House Restaurant in Alsip is shipping bottles of its own brand, Pylian Estates, to destinations across the United States. Word of mouth travels fast. And one taste is all you need [...]

Olive Oil Purists Flock to Alsip for Taste of Homeland2019-03-16T21:35:08+00:00

Kyle Schuler helps harvest Greek olives


Published in the Citizen Herald Feb. 2, 2011 By Deb Holt While most Jesup residents were making grocery lists for a traditional turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, Kyle Schuler of Jesup was making a packing list for a trip to Greece. Schuler, along with his son-in-law, Paul Boundas, and Paul’s father, Ted Boundas, traveled to [...]

Kyle Schuler helps harvest Greek olives2019-03-16T21:33:50+00:00

Dee Woods: Catering to the health-conscious diner


Mixing it up for good health by Dee Woods from October 10, 2010It’s great to discover restaurants on the south and southwest sides for people who want to eat and drink in a more healthy fashion. Quite by accident I discovered another area treasure, a man who joined forces with Dr. John Principe in attempting [...]

Dee Woods: Catering to the health-conscious diner2019-03-16T21:32:02+00:00

The Final Word: A fresh take on school nutrition


By Andy Hanacek, Executive Editor for The National Provisioner from December 2007 We’ve all heard it a thousand times — and I hate to use clichés, particularly one so prevalent and overused that it makes me cringe to even type it. However, when it comes to solving the puzzle of child nutrition in schools, it [...]

The Final Word: A fresh take on school nutrition2023-02-26T18:39:05+00:00

St. Rita Raises bar for school food


By Seth Schwartz, Chicago Sun-Times from October 31, 2007 The Rev. Tom McCarthy is bent on giving the students at St. Rita High School the best. While the 102-year-old institution offers young men from the South Side and suburbs of Chicago exceptional academics and athletic teams, McCarthy, the school's president, thought a main ingredient [...]

St. Rita Raises bar for school food2023-02-26T18:39:18+00:00

Miracle worker in the school kitchen


By Monica Eng, Chicago Tribune reporter On a recent winter day at a Chicago public high school, "fish tacos" were on the lunch menu. "Look at this," one student grumbled, flicking at a stiff flour tortilla on her tray. "They give us this with fish sticks and call it a fish taco. That ain't lunch." [...]

Miracle worker in the school kitchen2023-02-26T18:39:26+00:00

Country House Serves Up Fresh And Delicious Food


By the Oak Lawn Community High School OLCHS is savoring the newest member of its family: Country House Kitchen Company. Country House Restaurant, located at 5400 W. 127th St. in Alsip, is a family owned business. Its management team is made up Dave Boundas, Paul Boundas, John Bakalis, and Dave Fussell. Country House has [...]

Country House Serves Up Fresh And Delicious Food2023-02-26T18:39:48+00:00
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