Delicious Meals

Dining in a Country house Kitchen Company grade school, high school or college is a culinary experience since Country house is a restaurant at heart. Everything is made from scratch on-site, with a focus on high quality ingredients, including fresh meats roasted onsite, locally grown produce, whole grain baked goods and pasta, fresh herbs, and even extra virgin olive oil from the family’s land in Greece.

Country house eliminates the usual bagged salty frozen soups, canned sauces, and precooked processed meats and limits typical cafeteria options such as frozen or “ready to heat or fry” products. This greatly increases the nutritional value of the food and almost completely eliminates preservatives, excessive amounts of salt and other unidentifiable ingredient names in processed/prepackaged foods.

“Our faculty had said we had too many fried foods and our kids had no energy. We are thrilled to be able to provide a healthy delicious lunch. You can see the effect that quality food has on the students.After a healthy meal, our kids are more focused.”

Timothy M. Bopp
– President of Holy Trinity High School

Every on-site kitchen is customized to the preferences of individual schools or campuses. Menus are not set to blanket all schools, but instead customized menus are developed with feedback from students, faculty, staff and parents thereby reflecting the tastes and preferences of each site’s population. Students are treated the same as customers in the Country house restaurant, and not as a captive audience.