Healthy Bottom Line

By using fresh ingredients and little or no processed or pre-packaged foods, Country house Kitchen Company is able to control costs and offer higher quality foods at lower prices. By utilizing its existing infrastructure, culinary expertise, and trained staff, Country house Kitchen Company puts more money not only into the food, but also into the labor it takes to prepare dishes from scratch. Quality drives higher sales and revenues for everyone, resulting in a healthier bottom line.

Every year, Country House Kitchen Company serves a higher percentage of students and staff at its schools and campuses. Country house works directly with students, faculty, staff, parents, and organizations to constantly adjust and improve service. By doing preparation in-house Country House increases the use of school kitchens and improves the sales of homemade daily specials, homemade salads, and other fresh foods.

“It’s like having a restaurant in our school!”

Joe Martinez
– President of St. Laurence High School

Case Study

A school cafeteria operated at a loss for several years before Country House Kitchen Company was hired. Preparing foods from whole ingredients is more labor intensive, but there is a huge cost savings compared to using pre-made and prepackaged foods. With Country house’s expertise and over a 20% jump in participation, the program is now operating at a profit!

“Since contracting Country House Kitchen’s to manage our food service program, the District has observed continual increased student and staff participation in both our breakfast and lunch programs. Country House’s commitment to serving high quality food is demonstrated in their daily meal preparations. I have observed the staff pressing fresh ground beef into hamburger patties, rolling tamales in corn husks, squeezing lemons and oranges to make juice, and marinating chicken for their specialty salads and entrees. Our students and staff are very pleased with the variety of food served, their commitment to serving locally grown produce, and their willingness to implement requests. Country House has raised the bar to a level that would be hard to surpass.”

Joseph McCurdy

Assistant Superintendent
Oak Lawn Community High School

“Our sales have increased since our change to Country House and this of course has added more revenue to our bottom line. The quality of their homemade food is fantastic …”

Terry Corcoran
– Vice President of Administration and CFO, Mother McCauley