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Country House Kitchen Company is a local, family-owned, independent foodservice provider serving the education sector for almost 20 years, feeding students from pre-school all the way through college.

Two Sides to our Business

Country House Restaurant
– Breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant in business for over 45 years

Country House Kitchen Company – School and campus foodservice business launched in 2001

Country House Restaurant was started by providing the highest quality, freshest, homemade food in a family environment with affordable prices.

This expertise and training in the restaurant business was translated into Country house Kitchen Company, a full-service school and campus foodservice management operation. Country house Kitchen Company chefs started by making food from scratch using fresh ingredients as if every meal were intended for their own children.

Country house brought a “restaurant model” into area grade schools, high schools and colleges operating each on-site kitchen individually as its own “restaurant” that focuses on customer service and serving healthy and delicious food from scratch.

Courtesy of Moraine Valley Community College, January 2018

Look what Country House Kitchen is up to on the West Coast!

“Senior Maya Haylock Convinces Administration to Provide Healthier Meals at LGHS”

Letter from Kristina Grasty, Los Gatos High School

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