Healthy Lifestyles

When Country House Kitchen Company partners with your school, they introduce more healthful options including homemade soups, unprocessed whole foods including grains and produce, fresh roasted meats, and extra virgin olive oil. fresh pizzas and toppings are made on-site. healthier, higher quality food options in your lunchroom or cafeteria will benefit your students’ health, minds, and even their future lifestyle.

Students at Country House schools who previously did not eat breakfast feel the difference in the classroom when they start eating this important meal of the day. By focusing on healthier options at breakfast and/or lunch, together you and Country House can build better eating patterns that will follow the students throughout their lives.

Country House Kitchen Company’s cooking from scratch approach also benefits the environment. Country House eliminates many steps in the production process by doing things onsite, which saves packaging, energy, gas, and emissions due to fewer trucks on the street. Country House Kitchen Company’s philosophy promotes diversity in foods and supports farm to school and environmental efforts.

Country House’s commitment to serving high quality food is demonstrated in their daily meal preparations. I have observed the staff pressing fresh ground beef into hamburger patties, rolling tamales in corn husks, squeezing lemons and oranges to make juice and marinating chicken for their specialty salads and entrees…”

Joseph McCurdy
– Assistant Superintendent, Oak Lawn Community High School

“Food tops the list as one of the most important student concerns when evaluating their college experience. Country House Kitchen has consistently delivered on their promise of serving delicious wholesome “real food” to our campus community.”

Linda Moreno
– Director of Auxiliary Services, Saint Xavier University