Full Spectrum of Dining Services

  • Main Dining Hall
  • Events and Catering of all levels
  • Multiple Locations on Campus
  • (Coffee Shops, Cafes, On the Go, Convenience, etc.)
  • Accommodating all Dietary Needs
  • (Including 100% of your community w/great meals)

ACCOUNTABILTY & RESPONSIVENESS: We are ALWAYS immediately available and ready to act.

QUALITY & PASSION BEFORE PROFIT MARGIN: The foundation of our reputation which we will not sacrifice for an extra 2%

HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY: We will not speak on our own behalf! Please feel free to contact any of our partners.

BECOMING PARTNERS: We build relationships that are mutually beneficial and lasting.

DINING SERVICES UNIQUE TO YOUR COMMUNITY: The only cookie cutter we use is for baking!

Chef’s Daily Checklist: 

Accommodate all dietary needs to include 100% of student population by providing fresh, homemade, nutritious foods including:

Restaurant Quality Special of the Day
Chicken/Turkey Breast Roasted On-site
Sandwiches (Hot and Cold) and Whole Grain Wraps
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
Brewed Loose Leaf Iced Teas
Signature Homemade Pizza

Hand Packed Fresh Ground Burgers
Fresh Baked Goods & Made-to-Order Coffee Drinks
Hot Homemade Breakfast From Scratch
    (Pancakes, French Toast, Breakfast Sandwiches)
Yogurt Parfaits and Fresh Salads
Pasta Bar with Homemade Sauces